EPIC Speed Coding™ (Partners)



$1,295.00 per person or $10,000 minimum

This full day course takes your EPIC coding skills to a new and Empowered Level.



Become an EPIC Pro™…discover how to  ask the right questions at the right time that gives you every clue you need for discovering any person’s
EPIC Code.™ You will learn how to speed code your friends, family, colleagues, prospects, clients & others…just by observing their appearance and behaviors.


In this intermediary course, you will learn the keys to discovering the values of anyone, without asking them.


Grow in EPIC ways during this one-day course as you take it to the next level of understanding. It’s an EPIC experiential workshop where you expand your baseline knowledge of coding people based on visual and auditory aspects of everyday social clues that you’ve never recognized provided so much information on individuals. You will come away with an appreciation of how truly powerful the opportunity is to code someone, and how valuable it is when they hand those cards back to you or utilize the online personality profiling component.


* Review the four EPIC Personality Codes™, based on VRB (Values Relationship Builder) that creates 48 values and enables you to more efficiently and effectively build an empowered relationship with anyone you meet.
* Fully grasp how you will never have to feel as if you’re in the wrong place again in conversations or meetings. Identifying how easy it is to put the focus on the other person, you will have people attracted to you because of your interest in them.
* Learn specific and powerful strategies for quickly assessing personality styles through pin-point questioning that is natural and easy.
* Participate in one-on-one practice with each person in the workshop, applying your newly learned skills as you become an EPIC Pro
* Engage with others as you receive positive feedback from speaking to them in their native EPIC Language™ 
* Receive confirmation from others regarding your EPIC Authority as you have success with identifying their EPIC Code™ through multiple avenues of questioning and observation.


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