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An EPIC Certified Trainer™ will present to your group or business (cost is per person or $10,000 for over 20 participants with maximum of 30); workbook materials are $25 additional per person at the $10,000 corporate fee level)

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Introducing what we do and how we do it. In the end…
It’s your words. It’s your system. It’s your legacy.

You have a primary trait that guides the manner in which you receive information, as well as how you make your decisions and approach life; however, like a solid color that actually consists of a combination of other colors, you have percentages of each trait that consists of many values that are important to you. One trait with its set of values will be primary, one secondary, one third and one fourth, but the values in each trait color how we see our world and operate in life. These four personality traits based on VRB (Values Relationship Builder) provide your unique EPIC Code™ and determine your EPIC “native language.™”

Complimentary 30-minute online presentation – for determining the potential for a synergistic partnership and presenting workshop at your facility.

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Online Course, Half-day Workshop


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