The Future is Brighter Than Ever

The Future is Solar!

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The Ultimate Good Habit:

Giving Back by Paying It Forward

Using our resources wisely and respectfully just makes sense…

“the ripple effect” can literally change the course of mankind…

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EPIC Empowerment™ means creating a MindShift™ vs having a MindSET. 

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#BeEpic…Ignite Your Passion for Helping Others, and Light a Fire in Someone Else. 

When you SHIFT, you open up a new space into which others can grow.



Is one of our Core Values; therefore, aligning with POWUR resonates with EPIC Connections™ 

for the power it gives You to create change. 

EPIC tools Transform Conversations and POWUR Transforms Energy.

Put “U” back in Power with POWUR, the Uber/Airbnb of the sustainable energy industry.  When you get on the #PowurGrid, and send out 5 invites to get others on the #PowurGrid, you help build a Global #PowurGrid that supports the Pachamama Alliance, a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Access your Free #PowurGrid App.


Access your Free #PowurGrid App.
       Helen Keller made famous the quote first spoken by Edward Evan Hale:

I am only ONE.  But Still, I am One.  I Can’t Do Everything.  But Still I Can Do Something.

I Will Not Refuse to Do the Something I Can Do!