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EPIC Connections will forever and immediately change the way
in which you choose to communicate with potential clients.

EPIC Connections™ Personality Profiling Methodology, empowered by VRB Tool (Values Relationship Builder)
not only helps you understand yourself better via your detailed complimentary report – $75 value,
it enables you to discover the EPIC “native language” of your prospect, client, business colleague,
spouse, or friend in only 90 seconds.

Get ready for many aha moments!

*If you’re in an offline business, our EPIC Connections™ cards are your 90-second door-opener to closing more deals faster and building your business success. 

Our online EPIC Personality Profiling Methodology with VRB Tool™enables your prospect
to electronically “drag and drop” each of four cards into the position (from left to right) that
best describes their values. 90 seconds later they (and you) have discovered their EPIC Code™.

It’s the only relationship magnet you will ever need!

Why? Because it is all about them… yes, THEIR values!

*If you’re in a social situation, it helps you communicate better because you will know how to speak their EPIC “native language” and ask questions in a manner than engages them.

*If you’re in a disagreement, definitely stop and code the person if you haven’t
yet done that. If you have already coded them, reflect upon their EPIC Code™ 
and you will discover a way beyond your disagreement back into connection.

* If you’re in management with a corporation, EPIC cards™ and online Personality Profiling Methodology provide the necessary tools needed for quickly coding people.  Your Human Resources Department is going to love EPIC!

*If you’re a speaker from the stage and begin your presentation with the
bolded words below, you will have the name, email and phone number of every
single person in the room, without collecting a single business card at the event.

Talk about stress-free!

“Normally, speakers ask you to turn off your cell phone. But I’m not normal…
I want you to take out your cell phone and turn it on.
First of all I want to say that who you are is EPIC.
Yes, you are Extraordinary, Professional, Intelligent, Connectors…and so am I!

Please do me a favor. Go to

I want you to look at the cards you see displayed, read through them and “drag and drop” each one, placing the set of values most important to you 1st down to the ones that are least important to you last. This will save us time and energy, and help me better understand how we might work together.

Earn Up To $998 Per Sale As An Epic Connections Partner!

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Earn 40% on your personal sales, and 10% on sales made by Partners on your 2nd Tier!

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