Discover How to Hit Your Marketing Bullseye…Time After Time!

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The outer circles of the target do not give you your best results.  The same holds true if I ask you “Who is your target market” and you reply “Everyone!”  I understand your excitement; however, you [...]

You’re Not FREE Until the Message Inside of YOU is shared with the World!

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Ok, I get it…you’re wondering, “But how do I do that?  How do I a create an ebook, book and course?  More than that, how do I find the people who are interested in what [...]

8 Steps on the Quest to be Our Very Best

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Personal development – or self-actualization, personal growth, self-realization, or whatever you want to call it – is one of the noblest pursuits that a human being can engage in.  It is the relentless quest to [...]

5 Sales Tips With Insights About Your Customers

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In recent decades, research in social psychology has unearthed many insights into the human psyche – what motivates us, how we think, and how we react in common situations.  So the question may arise, why [...]