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We are excited you want to Partner with EPIC Connections™.

Are you ready to accelerate your communication success
with personal and business connections and receive improved results?

Want a sneak preview of how EPIC TAPP™ works?
This video is part of your back office when you purchase.

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You Qualify to Join The Epic Connections Partner Program
when you purchase any one of our four EPIC TAPP™ subscriptions.

The EPIC TAPP™ Tool enables you to:

* Secure a personal and unique link you can share with anyone; the person can
Discover their EPIC CODE™ via our VRB™ (Values Relationship Builder).

* Provide a complimentary EPIC TAPP™ (Total Assessment Personality Profile) report ($75 value)
that helps others understand themselves better.    

* Receive a valuable report about each person that enhances your listening, communication, and presentations as it helps you identify
Values/Likes/Dislikes/Strengths/Most Common Behaviors/Most Common Challenges/How They Relate with other codes/What Motivates Them.

* Track people in your EPIC TAPP™ back office, giving you the ability to immediately return and review their
EPIC Code™ prior to crafting an appropriate message, response, or approach that values how they prefer
to receive information.  
* Contact people via phone or email with a more respectful way of approaching them based
on their preferred presentation style and needs.
* Directly sell our products/services to your clients, as well as be compensated for introducing new
business partners to EPIC TAPP™ and our other products.
You must order at one of the four subscriptions below. Once you do that, you will be re-directed to your official
EPIC Partner™ sign-up page, and be qualified to be rewarded (40%) through people who purchase products
directly from you, and 10% on products purchased by Partners you bring to EPIC Connections™.



The EPIC Consultant™ program is designed for people interested in connecting our EPIC Tools and Training Solutions™ with opportunities where they serve as part of our EPIC Marketing/Training Team. You must first complete EPIC Foundations™ Course before you are qualified to apply for our program. $199 per year to remain as active EPIC Consultant™

The EPIC Joint Venture Partner™ program is designed for those who can provide relationship introductions to large groups. There is no pre-requisite for this, as you already understand and know your audience and whether or not our EPIC Tools and Training Solutions™ will fit with your team, group or organization.

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