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EPIC TAPP™…The Best Gift

EPIC TAPP offers you premium access for sharing the EPIC Code Personality Profiling System with our VRB (Values Relationship Builder) to an unlimited number of people each month, enabling you to say to each one…Discover Your EPIC Code and receive your complimentary, personalized EPIC TAPP (Total Assessment Personality Profile), a $75 value and a gift from me.  That’s the BEST GIFT you can give anyone…a better understanding of who they are.

EPIC TAPP could be the most empowering tool you will ever access for both personal and business use, as it automatically generates custom profiles for each person who discovers their EPIC Code, including detailed feedback on how they buy, what they like to hear when making any decision, and the best way you can approach presentations and conversations. It enables practical application of Tony Robbins philosophy Let your prospect determine your presentation.

Let’s face it, if you’re alive, you’re presenting…to somebody at some point…whether that is to a spouse, a client, a colleague, a friend, a prospect, or a family member.  You have to “sell” your ideas, concept, product, or services.  You have to get their “buy in” on what you are presenting.  Most people attempt to do this from their point of view and foundation of understanding, and in the manner in which they like to receive information.  Unfortunately, because the other person’s EPIC Code™ is potentially different from yours, you aren’t being heard most of the time.  And neither are they.  Sound familiar? 

How would you like to hear and be heard…better?

First and foremost, through EPIC TAPP, you will discover the EPIC Code™ of any person in less than 90 seconds, tapping into their EPIC Native Language provided by our VRB. Understanding what they most value enables you to more efficiently and effectively communicate as you also receive information relative to their:

Imagine the gratitude of prospects, clients, business colleagues, friends, family members, or your spouse when they have the opportunity to discover their EPIC Code™ just like you did.

EPIC TAPP™ will forever and immediately change the way in which you choose to communicate with them. Not only do you instantly understand their EPIC Native language, you receive tips on connecting and engaging in diverse situations.  Get ready for many aha moments using the Ultimate Tool that Transforms Presentations and Conversations

Perhaps some of the situations below will resonate with you.


Can You Really Impact Someone’s Life in Only 90 Seconds?

You Bet You Can!

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Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More