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Where’s Your Focus in 2016?

Do you spend more time looking in the Rear View Mirror or Side View mirror? you merely use it as a means of understanding your bigger transformational story vs. your ongoing victim story? The rear view/side view mirror combo merely provides a quick checkpoint for seeing if anything needs your immediate attention.  The act of driving forward was never [...]

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Discover How to Hit Your Marketing Bullseye…Time After Time!

The outer circles of the target do not give you your best results.  The same holds true if I ask you “Who is your target market” and you reply “Everyone!”  I understand your excitement; however, you will not get the results you desire having “everyone” as your market.  It’s a paradox.  The tighter your niche/focus, the more you win…and win BIG!  If [...]

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Focus On Exactly What You Want…and Get It!

What does focus provide?  EXACTLY what you want! If you aren’t getting what you desire, most often it is a “focus” issue.  The focusing and visualizing of what you desire empowers and gives purpose and meaning to what you are doing. The clearest sign that you aren't focused in a productive direction is that you discover you are floundering and [...]

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You’re Not FREE Until the Message Inside of YOU is shared with the World!

Ok, I get it…you’re wondering, “But how do I do that?  How do I a create an ebook, book and course?  More than that, how do I find the people who are interested in what I have created? And how many people do I need to say YES in order to create an impact and create an income?”  First, click [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Thriving!

I’m honored that my quote was selected as one of the 365 for the yearly calendar produced by The Woman’s Advantage-2016 Shared Wisdom Calendar.  My quote is on August 31, 2016.  It says... “Knowledge makes you good.  Commitment makes you better.  Imagination makes you great!”   It brings me to this question…”What do you IMAGINE for yourself?”  Here’s Coach B’s [...]

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The heART of Communication

The art of communication is really one of connecting and engaging.  It’s one of the most important skills we can learn, because in today’s complex world even the most talented person cannot accomplish very much by themselves. For example, we may look at a CEO or a doctor and think they are very powerful because of their position in society. [...]

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