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Discover How to Hit Your Marketing Bullseye…Time After Time!

The outer circles of the target do not give you your best results.  The same holds true if I ask you “Who is your target market” and you reply “Everyone!”  I understand your excitement; however, you will not get the results you desire having “everyone” as your market. [...]

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Focus On Exactly What You Want…and Get It!

What does focus provide?  EXACTLY what you want! If you aren’t getting what you desire, most often it is a “focus” issue.  The focusing and visualizing of what you desire empowers and gives purpose and meaning to what you are doing. The clearest sign that you [...]

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You’re Not FREE Until the Message Inside of YOU is shared with the World!

Ok, I get it…you’re wondering, “But how do I do that?  How do I a create an ebook, book and course?  More than that, how do I find the people who are interested in what I have created? And how many people do I need to [...]

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Top 10 Tips for Thriving!

I’m honored that my quote was selected as one of the 365 for the yearly calendar produced by The Woman’s Advantage-2016 Shared Wisdom Calendar.  My quote is on August 31, 2016.  It says... “Knowledge makes you good.  Commitment makes you better.  Imagination makes you great!”   [...]

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