Where’s Your Focus in 2016?

//Where’s Your Focus in 2016?

Where’s Your Focus in 2016?

Do you spend more time looking in the Rear View Mirror or Side View mirror? Or…do you merely use it as a means of understanding your bigger transformational story vs. your ongoing victim story?

The rear view/side view mirror combo merely provides a quick checkpoint for seeing if anything needs your immediate attention.  The act of driving forward was never meant to be an act accomplished by looking ONLY in those rear mirrors. The reason is obvious.  You would wreck.  You have a clear windshield vs a blackened one for a reason.

As we all know either from taking driver’s training, or learning  the hard way through personal experience, there is a “blind spot” and neither the rearview nor the sideview mirror provides adequate information in that situation; however, we have to be aware that there is a blindspot when driving, and turn our head in order to check for additional info.  If you don’t know you don’t know there’s a blindspot, you are permanently blind to your life.

As a component of living life to the fullest, these rear/sideview mirrors are great. But if your commitment to checking the view behind you means that you run over something right in front of you…or miss something that could positively impact your life…then it’s a hindrance vs a support.

Sometimes the two views (forward and backward) can even create a mirage…an illusory view because they look so darn similar…and even feel familiar. Being consciously aware of how blind spots impact your life, and discerning which view is the rear one and which one is the out the windshield is a distinction.

What’s your focus? Commit to conscious discernment and distinctions this year.

What You Focus On Becomes Real

Rearview Mirror - Smaller than Windshield

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