Top 10 Tips for Thriving!

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Top 10 Tips for Thriving!

I’m honored that my quote was selected as one of the 365 for the yearly calendar produced by The Woman’s Advantage-2016 Shared Wisdom Calendar.  My quote is on August 31, 2016.  It says…

“Knowledge makes you good.  Commitment makes you better.  Imagination makes you great!”
It brings me to this question…”What do you IMAGINE for yourself?” 

Here’s Coach B’s Triple T (Top Ten Tips) for Thriving vs Surviving in Life!

1. Hangout with people who can MindSHIFT in the moment!  (Honor the MindSET people, but don’t allow their  “set” or “stuck” state endanger yourMindSHIFT).

2.  Ask people what books most inspire and motivate them.  Here’s a few I love:  ANYTHING by Brene Brown  (including her TED Talks); Friend Power by my friend, Stephanie Scheller, and one of the women in E3 (Extraordinary Epic Entrepreneurs) and the rep of the first generation in our 5 Generations of EPIC Women.

3. Face fear and push through it – Take ACTION – Get OUT of your Comfort Zone

4. Make a list of character traits that you aspire to have & adopt them

5. Celebrate your unique self – We weren’t’ created to fit in, we were created to stand in our authentic brilliance

6. Banish the word struggle out of your thoughts and words

7. Be kind to yourself – watch your inner dialog

8. Know your value

9. Reach out to serve others

10. It is your obligation to yourself, your family,  your community and world at large to follow your passion, your calling and to be successful

The #1 thing that helped me transform my life and is assisting me now in creating the life I choose to live… CHOICE! Choose to do something different everyday that supports your goals, and your vision. The #2 thing is, self evaluate yourself constantly in a loving, supportive, and accountable way. Become your best friend, fall in love with yourself, so that way you can truly and fully love others!!! Know this…..There is ALWAYS HOPE, YOU JUST HAVE TO PUT FAITH IN ACTION!!!!


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Dotti Berry, CEO, Harbinger Enterprises LLC, dba Training2Transform Global Enterprises & EPIC Connections™. Dotti, aka Coach B, is also an Author, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She is known as "The LinkedIn and Google Hangout Maven." She embraces and unites High Tech with High Touch. She was the recipient of the ASI Small Business of the Year, as well as the Lexington, KY Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year. She champions YOU, the EPIC Maven, a person who has a story to share and a skill to impart. Her book and course, Dare To Take Your EPIC Journey-Become an Educator, mirror that belief as she explains, "You're not FREE until the message inside of you is shared with the World!" Have you discovered your EPIC Code™? If not, click the EPIC Code tab. If you’ve already discovered your EPIC Code™, how would you like to be able to know the code of others, enabling you to more efficiently and effectively connect and communicate with them? Check out the EPIC TAPP™ (Total Assessment Personality Profiling) Tool.

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